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WordPress プラグインの、Script Compressor を公開しました。

ダウンロードはScript Compressor « WordPress Plugins

Script Compressor is a WordPress plugin which compresses javascript files and CSS files loaded by the theme or other plugins automatically.

Download it in Script Compressor « WordPress Plugins.
The changelog is available in the download page.

Script Compressor」への86件のフィードバック

  1. Joe Pea

    Oh, and one more thing. When the plugin is re-activated, the CSS for admin control panel and blog works again (except with errors from the compression which is what i wanted to fix originally).

  2. Joe Pea

    Wait, Nevermind! I fixed it! I had to delete the line of code that was added to .htaccess for css compression and then everything returned to normal. Hehe, newbs out there will have some problems 😛

  3. Regen 投稿作成者

    I’m sorry. I noticed that the mod_rewrite codes remain and cause problems when .htaccess is not writable or the plugin is deactivated by removing the directory.
    I’m going to add some explanation to the document.

  4. Tasmany

    Script don’t compress JS and CSS like


    @import url( ‘http:// blablabla /wp-content/plugins/devformatter/devfmt_reset.css?ver=2009.0.1.20’ );


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  10. Gordon

    Thanks Dude,

    Your plugin vastly improved loading time of my site and got me from grade c 77 to grade B 86 points on Yslow (small site/blog) I am grateful!Thanks!

  11. Ibad

    I use jQuery from google CDN and facebook loader js, but script compressor strip them.
    How to exclude javascript from external ?