Comment Form Quicktags」への100件のフィードバック

  1. Regen 投稿作成者

    There is a way:
    ID: ed_biggrin
    Display: ; – )
    Start tag: ; – )
    (Remove spaces in values of Display and Start tag)

    But I think using other plugins is a better way.

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  3. Mike

    This was the plugin I was looking for, thanks
    But… I also want it to work in a my pop-up comments-form( ). How can I make this work?
    Is there a way I can add the code to this file comments-popup.php?

  4. Mike

    Thanks for the new release, but unfortunately it doesn’t work perfect, I get the quicktags above my pop-up text-area but also the next warning:

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for CommentFormQuicktags::detect_start(), called in /var/www/virtual/ on line 193 and defined in /var/www/virtual/ on line 269

    Hope you can help me…

    1. Regen 投稿作成者

      I surveyed your Web site. I think that it conflicts with other plugins.
      Please tell me plugins you are using if you deactivate them and the plugin works well.

      1. Regen 投稿作成者

        I’m sorry for a late response.
        I tested this plugin with Pierre’s Wordspew plugin but no problem was found. Please give me more information about your case.

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  7. Roman

    Hey there, I am not sure why, but I still get this error on my server "unterminated string literal
    [Break On This Error] document.write('<input "

    on my local PC it works fine…any help?

  8. 3dolab

    same here.
    Javascript code is broken due to line breaks.
    Don’t know why the web host server keeps adding line breaks to every document.write('<input while localhost does not… is it a PHP issue?

    Replacing the ‘input’ tag start/end chars with “lower than” and “greater than” entities will prevent throwing out errors, but I guess that then the script would output simple text instead of HTML.

    However, I can’t see why this javascript code should ever be generated from PHP. I tend to consider it a really bad practice, at least in WordPress: in most cases, using wp_localize_script would do the trick, but it seems there is not even a reason to do that, except for setting headers expiration.
    In addition, the quicktags.php file starts by loading the WP core (wp-load.php) and this will result in a sloooooow loading (+2s) for only a few lines.

    That’s why I’ve ended up giving up on this (virtually) useful plugin.
    Please keep on improving it!